05 June, 2009

Asshole Driver of the Day

There's a ratio of about 10:1 in my experience with this stuff: in other words, for every time I manage to snap a photo of a traffic turd doing his/her thing, it represents about 10 other similar waste products for whom I missed the photo opportunity.

Today's exhibit: when you don't feel like waiting in traffic like everyone else, just hop up on the sidewalk!  The motion blur of the black Mitsubishi at the right of this photo should tell you that it was not merely parked on the sidewalk (not enough cameras exist in the world to capture all of those), but it was merrily scooting past the gridlock, honking at pedestrians to get out of its way as if it had every right to do so. 

Most often it's a taxi that you'll find doing this, but I guess regular folks can join in on the fun too, if your car can clear the curb height when jumping off the road!