29 April, 2010

Uncharitable Observation Of The Day

Actually, this happened a long time ago, but I thought I lost the photos, and just found them, and needed to post something before April ends.  Those are all the reasons for this post, and not a good one among them.  But here it is anyway.

It was November 2008, and two things happened that, while separately probably really good things, thrown together just meant trouble. First, I was gainfully employed. Second, some woman ran for political office.

Being gainfully employed meant a period in my life where I would actually get off my ass from in front of the PC, and get in the car and drive to a job.  Where I would sit on my ass in front of the PC.  But I digress. The feminine political aspirant meant a period where her face was on billboards every 30 meters along every major road in Sector 1.  You can see where this is going, can't you? Yep, I drove to work through Sector 1.  Usually not fully awake, not ready for the day, and certainly not ready for this woman's face 6 meters high hammering me every 18 seconds of travel.  There was just a "GAAH!" sort of shock every time, which I couldn't explain for the longest time.  Until one day I left for work later in the morning, and with my wits finally about me, finally made the connection:

Call me a jerk if you need to, but honest to God this is what I was reminded of every time I saw her. I couldn't help it.  She could be the sweetest thing, I don't know. If she is, though, I'd like to think she'd go about her campaign image a bit differently...

In retrospect, compared to the subsequent Presidential campaigns, ever setting new records in slander, disrespect and abuse, this lady was completely harmless. I should at least find out if she ever got elected to anything or not. And it could always have been worse... Heath Ledger, anyone?