16 September, 2010

Not Dead Yet...

...but something far worse: gainfully employed. Sort of. The "employed" part is a certainty, as that giant sucking sound you hear is all of my hitherto weekday leisure (read: blog-writing) time being transformed into respectable office productivity.  The "gainful" part remains to be seen, but not in a nail-biting "have I just hooked up with another carpetbagger who will flee the country with my final four months of salary?" way. It'll be good for my portfolio, to be sure.  As for paying my bills? We'll see, but this funny plastic Romanian cash has a nasty habit of running away screaming in terror when it sees what I expect of it.

Anyway, I'm once again firmly mired in "Not enough hours in the day"-Land. And like advertsing in a budget crisis, blogging is the first thing to go in a time crisis. Still, the lack of access to a keyboard and hours at the same time hasn't stopped the blogging in my head (where the resident little voices have been quite helpful in this regard, actually). And I've got a great piece planned that actually benefits from a delay, allowing all the media hype and scandal dust to settle and reveal (hopefully) the facts of the case. And I firmly promise to firmly consider firmly thinking about firmly sitting down to type it, firmly. Any day now. Real soon.

Your teaser: It Began With a Leaf...

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