09 March, 2010

Art Imitates Life: or Happy Non-Moving Moving Day!

One thing I feel strongly these days is that I'm doing an awful lot of work to stay in one place.  Professionally, and especially financially, it feels like I spend my days crisscrossing the city to meetings and appointments (usually with my poor masochistic accountant), generating or alternately digesting mounds of paperwork, and magically, at the same time, also chained to my PC for hours at a time, frantically working on what-have-you because it's due/overdue/broken/etc. And yet, I've got zip to show for it. No mighty professional website, no lucrative movie props/costumes business, no bank account with more than two digits in the balance. I suppose, after watching one colleague after another lose their job or even their company in these horrible times, I'm still considered a lucky one. But it's all relative. Case in point: I'm actually here to announce just such a non-event, and this time it's a good thing!

As you read this, take a look up at your browser's address bar.  Gone is "volguus.blogspot.com!" In researching my aforementioned pro website, I discovered a lesser-known feature of Blogger.  You can attach your blog to a subdomain of an existing website if you have one.  And I have not one, but two! So, in keeping with my work style, I spent the entire afternoon figuring out how to do this move, and the end result is something you probably wouldn't have even noticed if I didn't just tell you a minute ago. Running to stay in the same place, see?  But like I said, this time it's okay because it appeals to my fundamental fondness for elegance (if not simplicity) in all things.  I have a personal website, I have a personal blog, now they are in the same place.  Hmm, so maybe that can be considered progress after all.  OMG, did I actually just move FORWARD with something?  I'd better check for bruising!

Oh, by the way, this blog move represents more a triumph of technology rather than content.  Which means if you're now curious to see what the rest of "huegel.com" is about, don't be. Please. I'm begging you! It hasn't been touched since around 2003, if memory serves.  Connecting the blog to it could conceivably be incentive to start cleaning up the embarassingly-ancient rest of the site, but not today. It was a proof-of-concept, to see if the blog and site could be linked seamlessly. It'll be even worse when I get my professional blog attached to my professional site.  And I'm NOT telling you THAT address yet!

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