08 March, 2011

Asshole Driver of the Day

 No. Brake lights. Whatsoever.  

There are two cars in my daily sphere of reference, and they both have some way of telling you when a lamp is dead.  One car does it by a fancy console screen message, which, OK, I can see where all cars wouldn't have that.  But the other car tells you a bulb is out simply by doubling the rate at which the turn signal blinks. Dead simple. But obviously some people are even more simple. Or has the irony not yet hit you that the defective vehicle in question is not only a company car for a security company (feel secure now, do you?), but it's their Technical Service response van.  What kind of technical service can we expect from someone who can't change a light bulb, let alone three (both tail lights and center stop light)?

And as always, this photo adheres to my 10:1 ratio.  For every one of these dorks I manage to catch in a photo, there are about ten more that go by without my getting the chance.  So be careful who you tailgate!

1 comment:

  1. It's because they're ronin.... banished samurai has no money for that, they usually hired to do others stuff, not their own.


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